Pants On Fire

October 13, 2008

This is my first review on WordPress so, here it goes!

Pants on Fire is about Katie Ellison, a elite highschooler from Eastport, Conneticut. She works at the Gull n’ Gulp where the specialty is a type of clam, the Quahog. In this small little port town there are only to things that matter. The fresh water seafood they are famous for, and the Highschool football team. Oddly enough they are also called the Quahogs, and Katie is dating their star player. Katie has everything, so what if she had to lie a little to get there? Then a blast of the past has come back to town threatening to ruin everything she’s worked for. Tommy Sullivan her kind of friend from eigth grade and Eastports number one most hated person. Whats he doing here? Thats what Katie wants to know. But is she willing to find out? In the end Katie finds that all isn’t perfect in her beloved Eastport.

Once again Meg Cabot has been able to capture the teenage mind at it’s best. I wouldn’t give the book a ten though, it’s a bit simple worded for my tastes. But it’s sure to have you smiling in the end. I recomend it to anyone who needs a fluff pick-me-up.